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Job Purpose

At Twelve Legs Marketing, one of our values is “Big Picture”. Through team support, transparency, and accountability we are reminded consistently of the client’s KPIs and goals allowing us to strategize, implement, and optimize towards clear common goals.

You will support a portfolio of client websites with the guidance of an Account Director. You will be responsible for Website Development, Care and Ongoing Improvements for these clients.

We are looking for our next talented Junior Front-End Developer. Key points:

  • Be keen about learning the clients’ business purpose and needs in order to translate foundational knowledge into effective and efficient website properties
  • Understand client brand and brand guidelines
  • Develop and design wireframes
  • Develop and design website layout with both desktop and mobile UX in mind
  • Be able to follow company process and requirements for website development
  • Install and format WordPress sites
  • Modify themes and page layouts
  • Maintain technology updates
  • Maintain content updates
  • Understand technical aspects of website speed performance, and analysis
  • Knowledge of WordPress / PHP / HTML / CSS / JavaScript
  • Must be interested in learning hoe to code/comprehend PHP code, not just copy/paste
  • Proactive research, learning and problem solving, without the need of constant outside encouragement
  • Develop and learn skills, which are necessary for the successful execution of websites, which support clients’ business needs
  • Work with hosting providers
  • Problem Solve/Research
  • Understand purpose of marketing solutions such as Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, etc. and be able to implement, following company process
  • Communicate with internal and external teams on progress, challenges, recommendations, learnings, etc.

Be A Web Hero

Working closely with the Digital Strategy Director you’ll drive the strategy, execution, and care across accounts.

Evolution Sidekick

What’s a good website without speed and understanding what users want? Support the Digital Strategy Director by pushing the boundaries of web flow and user enablement.

Support Digital Team

While you own the work for our clients, we believe that no man is an island and everyone should support each other in making digital efforts more effective.

What is Success?

As digital marketers nothing is more infuriating than being asked, “Is anyone even visiting my website?”

We care about our clients’ businesses as if they were our own. Our team helps our clients with innovation strategies and can move ideas quickly to life. 12x faster. 12x better. 12x growth.

A Little Bit About Us

We are entrepreneurs at heart. Call us hustlers if you like. We own our projects and drive them forward. You might quite like us if you:

  • Thrive when working as team
  • Take ownership of our work “Your project, your baby”
  • Love to share ideas and knowledge with each other
  • Know how to organize ourselves and deliver on-time
  • Have a growth mindset
  • Care about our clients’ success
  • Willing to go the extra mile
  • Love all things marketing and are actively working towards becoming the best in your field

Do you fit the personality?


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