Real Estate Investment Firm Marks Company Record

Attracting Investors Efficiently and Effectively

National Campaign

Award Winning Content

Our Real Estate Investment  client is a smaller organization which has established itself as a leader in the space , operating out of Colorado. 

They are driven by discipline and follow a unique approach to real estate investment management.

As part of their growth strategy we were engaged to initially introduce them to the digital space by developing and supporting their online footprint.

That has grown to a multi-year partnership and a true partnership.

Telling The Story Right

In an effort to introduce the brand to prospective investors, we had to develop content that resonates. To achieve that we:

  1. Studied target investors pain points
  2. Used our story-telling skills to produce a punchy script
  3. Deployed our animation skills to make the client cut through the noise and stand out
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Positionining the Story In The Right Places

In addition to developing the right content, our job was to determine the right channels where the target audience would be in the right mindset to consume the message effectively.

We developed a media plan based on known data.

As the campaign launched we accrued data over time, which made performance more efficient over time.


The Result:

At the end of year one of our partnership we had a 2,000%+ ROI.

Persuing New Markets

Based on the proven success of our collaboration, the next logical step was to start entering new markets.

We produced content for each market, which included on-location shoots and connecting with the audience we were targeting first-hand in order to develop meaningful messaging.

Based on nuances of each market and supported with a strategically positioned media distribution plan including streamed audio and video.

In addition, we developed  strategic partnerships to further build trust and brand awareness with the right audience amongst the markets we were targeting.

For example, our client was positioned as a sponsor of BYU’s athletic department allowing them to develop valuable relationships with patrons of the schools.

This campaign was awarded with a Telly Award for excellence in execution.

The Result

Our collaborations continues to grow and we have the honor of supporting an incredible team on their quest to develop wealth for families.

We are happy to report that our client set a new company record of $50MM+ in deployed funds and 114 new investors in 1Q 2023!

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