Website Development


Boost business with a website that attracts then converts customers.

A website is your frontline marketing and sales workhorse. The storefront for your business 24/7/365…and it can make or break your success. So if you’ve got an old clunker that doesn’t rank on search engines, or (gasp!) no website at all, it might be time to reevaluate things. After all, the importance of a website extends to any and all aspects of your marketing strategy—every piece of content, every advertisement, every communication should compel customers to visit your website. 

Twelve Legs Marketing Website Care and Development will ensure you’re front and center when and where your target audience is searching, and your site is fine-tuned to promote your brand while educating, informing, and driving action.

Web Health Check-Up

Nothing too invasive, we promise. Just a quick evaluation to make sure your site is search-friendly and ready to drive sales. We’ll send you a comprehensive results report with either a clean bill of health or prescription to optimize.

Site Structure Planning

User experience (UX) is paramount. Visitors should find what they need in just a couple of clicks, and while every website is unique, they shouldn’t be over-complicated. We’ll map out and render the perfect layout for your business.

Advanced Custom Styling

Want an eye-popping, jaw-dropping website? Your wish is our command. If your vision can’t be realized through front-end page builders, we’ve got the talent and tools to deliver a next-level, custom website. 


Your site is the most important extension of your brand. And certain design elements are an absolute must for any website. Our design delivers a proven optic hierarchy that’s clean, attractive, enticing, and in visual harmony with your company.


When you greet your visitors with thoughtful copy, you humanize your brand and differentiate your company. It’s time to stand out with a unique voice, relevant keywords, influential content, and persuasive customer testimonials.

Search & Mobile Friendly

88% of consumers will start their product searches online, and 68% of them will be on their tablet or mobile device. A responsive, mobile-friendly site that’s structured and optimized for SEO is essential.

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