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A website is your frontline marketing and sales workhorse. The storefront for your business 24/7/365…and it can make or break your success. So if you’ve got an old clunker that doesn’t rank on search engines, or (gasp!) no website at all, it might be time to reevaluate things. After all, the importance of a website extends to any and all aspects of your marketing strategy—every piece of content, every advertisement, every communication should compel customers to visit your website.

Our Website Development Team is Trusted by Many Local and National Partners

Website Development and Care

We will ensure you’re front and center when and where your target audience is searching, and your site is fine-tuned to promote your brand while educating, informing, and driving action.

Customizable Design

Innovative and tailored design solutions for your unique brand.

Professional Coding

Advanced coding for robust and reliable digital platforms.

Artistic Creativity

Creative designs that captivate and engage your audience.

Mobile Adaptability

Responsive designs for an optimal experience across all devices.

SEO Focus

Strategic SEO to enhance your online visibility and reach.

Data Analytics

Leveraging data analytics for informed decision-making and growth.

Online Interaction

Enhancing online interaction to build community and engagement.

Online Quote Requests

Efficient request for quote solutions for your rental business needs.

Is Your Website Due for a Health Check-Up?

Nothing too invasive, we promise. Just a quick evaluation to make sure your site is search-friendly and ready to drive sales. We’ll send you a comprehensive results report with either a clean bill of health or prescription to optimize. 

Ralitsa Carter, Owner and Digital Strategy Director

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Basic Website Development

Our basic websites come equipped with all foundational parts of SEO, and easy to edit and maintain interfaces, should you choose to maintain your website in-house.

Examples of Basic Websites

Examples of Custom Websites

Rental Website Development

Modernize your store’s online presentation and more importantly, enable your prospects and customers browse your inventory online.

Our rental websites come equipped with all parts of an e-commerce website, and easy to edit and maintain interfaces, should you choose to maintain your website in-house.

Alert Rental Integrations

Let customers request quotes, place reservations and make payments via your website, reducing the burden on employees and the margin of error.


Customer Portal


Examples of Rental Websites

Current RMS Integrations

Let customers request quotes via your website, reducing the burden on employees and the margin of error.

Request Quote Online

Interactive Website Experiences

Give your website users more opportunities to find inspiration and envision their spaces with your inventory .

End goal?

Sell more.


Shop The Look

Take photos of table settings, room arrangements or outfits.

Add hotspots and connect to your WooCommerce products.

Add to cart.

The best things in life are simple!

Space Builder

Take photos of your furniture.

Connect to your WooCommerce products.

Allow website users to create their own combinations.

Add to cart.

Let’s create beautiful spaces together!

formal-table-setting-with various-glassware

Tabletop Builder

Connect to your WooCommerce products.

Allow website users to arrange the table of their dreams.

Add to cart.

Elevate someone’s event!

We are happy when our clients are happy!

Add-On Services To Make Your Website Even Better


Engaging Videos

indoor-setting-showing- professional-video-shoot-setup

Captivate your website visitors  with video at every stage of their journey. From introducing your team, to explaining your services, our video team is here to bring your story to life.


Quality Marketing Images

camera-setup-for-a- rustic-indoor-scene
For many of us, the information we gather about the world happens visually. From product, to drone photos, we can add that wow-factor to your website.


Compelling Marketing Content

Pairing your visuals with compelling copy can add just the edge needed to tip your prospect clients over the edge and buy.

Google Ads Management

Boost Visibility and Website Traffic

Drive traffic and quote requests with strategic keywords and compelling ad copy.

Bing Ads Management

Tap into Bing

Leverage Bing’s potential to increase visibility, clicks, and conversions.

Retarget and Geo-Fence

Stay on Their Radar

two-figures-on-a-target- surrounded-by-people
Target website visitors and specific locations for impactful messaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve all seen the big Hollywood productions, which utilize big film crews and helicopters to capture aerial footage. The truth is that back in the day that was your only option. The great news that today you can get the breathtaking video and photography you need with a FAA licensed pilot and a registered, high-quality camera drone – all of it affordable and effective!
Drone photography and videography can show accurately dimensions, location, and surroundings of an area.
Most times people think of drone footage for video editing purposes, however, we also like to include drone footage in presentations to make those more engaging, ultimately leading to better results for our clients.
When you draw the line, regardless of how drone video and photography are used, statistics show that the more common this marketing approach becomes, the more likely it is to be considered an industry standard. This means your business or brand could be considered forward thinking and ahead of the curve, if you can provide your clients with professionally shot aerial photos and videos.

Another great feature of drone videography is that this can capture unobtrusive video footage with minimal disruption to those within the filming environment.

With advancements in modern technology, drone devices function with very little noise.

Drone photography when done professionally utilizes natural light and locations, making the possibilities of cost efficiencies much greater than standard photography. 
With modern drone videography, the cost of producing excellently detailed aerial videos and photos has gone down considerably. We are proud to offer even small businesses the opportunity to capture the visuals they need from a birds-eye view,  within a modest marketing budget. 
Depending on the project you are looking to complete, drone photography could be a lot more affordable that regular photography.
Flying a drone does carry certain risks. From causing damage to personal property, to interfering with other aircrafts in flight, there are many scenarios that a professional and licensed pilot is trained to avoid and plan before a drone is in the sky. Drone flights for commercial purposes require pre-planning and in certain instances obtaining permissions to fly legally.
On a recent project we were asked to fly a drone for a commercial building in Pueblo, Colorado, which was located in close proximity to the path of landing planes at the local airport. With the appropriate research and preparation, we were able to capture the drone videos and photos legally, without putting anyone in danger.
As another example, we regularly capture drone footage in the Air Force Academy area, which also performs regular flight trainings. The responsibility and knowledge of our drone operators allows us to keep positive relationships with the institution and provide the necessary, professional drone services for local businesses safely. 

Each state has different laws regarding where one can and cannot operate a drone. We can best serve you by understanding where the location you are looking to have drone footage of is.

Drone videos can serve a number of purposes, for example:
Business Promotion
  • Use creative angles to feature location, products or services
  • Capture activities over water
  • Long, continuous shots
  • Scenes that unfold
Real Estate
  • Show accurate size of building
  • Show exact location of building in relation to other landmarks
  • Show surroundings of building
  • Capture a global view of event
  • Follow crowd activities of event
As long as the weather is fair, we offer drone services year round. 

The time of day has a big impact on lighting, especially when footage is captured outside.

Depending on the type of drone video or photos you are looking to capture, our expert team can help you determine the optimal time. We are equipped with cameras and filters, allowing us to capture high-quality video, from sunrise to sunset, as well as at night!

With a licensed drone pilot you have a lot more flexibility in achieving the shots you need, legally and safely.

Drones can be flown inside building as well as outside, however, one thing that often gets forgotten is that building constrains can increase the risk of accidents happening.

That is why you should always work with professional crews and make sure the pilot you are hiring carries insurance.

As long as the weather is fair, we offer drone services year round. 

The time of day has a big impact on lighting, especially when footage is captured outside. Depending on the type of drone video or photos you are looking to capture, our expert team can help you determine the optimal time. We are equipped with cameras and filters, allowing us to capture high-quality video, from sunrise to sunset, as well as at night!

As FAA licensed drone pilots, we carry the liability if any issues occur. Even if someone else is actually manning the controls, the licensed pilot of responsible for the aircraft.  That is why we are a fully-insured flight operation with up to one-million dollars ($1,000,000) in accident coverage.

Your team is not required to be onsite for the shoot.  Before beginning a project, we have a list of questions we ask in order to lock down your goals for the project.  Once we have all of this information, our FAA licensed drone pilot can handle the rest.

Files can be shared via a FTP site, such as Google Drive or Dropbox.  The client must provide access to this respective folder in order for Twelve Legs Marketing to upload the video. 

Our availability fluctuates from week to week, however, in most cases we can accommodate a drone shoot within 5 business days from contacting us.

Most standard drone footage projects take 1-2 hours to capture and 1-2 hours to edit and deliver. 
We can provide both still images as well as video.
In order to fly a drone for commercial or promotional purposes, you must have a FAA licensed pilot as part of the project.  If you own your own drone and would like to fly it for the project, we can participate in your project in an advisory capacity only.
Drones make very little noise and can be flown during any type of event.
This answer depends on a lot of factors, but the typical maximum height is 400 feet above the operator.
Absolutely!  Moving vehicles and people are a specialty of ours.
With a FAA Part 107 drone license, we have access to more airspace than an unregistered individual. 
Flying around places like airports and government buildings require special permissions.

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