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Build your brand, generate leads, and drive sales with purposeful content.

They say content is king, and given all of its obvious benefits, you’d be hard pressed to challenge it for the marketing crown. Good content encourages customer engagement. It keeps a steady flow through your marketing funnel by cultivating new leads and generating sales. It adds value to your product. It’s great for SEO, and can drive a ton of traffic to your website.

Whether you need persuasive marketing copy for your campaign or a full-blown strategy focused on creating and distributing content that builds awareness then compels profitable action, we’ve got you covered.

Aside from award-winning video production (which, by the way, 57% of marketers identify as their most challenging content need), Twelve Legs Marketing Content Creation includes several engaging options to complement every phase of your marketing plan.

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Search Optimized Articles

Blog articles should be an integral part of your marketing efforts. Not only do they boost your brand and build trust among your customers, they’re essential to your website’s page visibility and search rankings.


The human brain processes visual images 60,000x faster than text, so it’s no surprise that infographics are one of the best ways to get and keep your customers’ attention. Super-digestible and ultra-shareable, a targeted infographic is tough to resist.

Case Studies

If you want to show your customers how amazing your product/service really is, prove it with a case study. Fundamental to any good content marketing strategy are persuasive testimonials and undeniable real-life results that paint an idyllic picture for your prospects.

Email Campaigns

Awareness-Consideration-Decision. The basic tenets of a solid email nurture campaign, we craft emails that deliberately speak to the needs and concerns of a prospective buyer while taking them on a journey that ends with a closed sale.

Advertising Campaigns

End-to-end copywriting for campaigns utilizing Google ads, banner ads, social media ads, traditional print ads, landing pages, and more. Based on your business needs, we’ll devise full creative campaigns, or execute on an existing vision.


With a delicate balance of the right words and correct timing, our script copywriters base their work on a thorough pre-production video (or radio) checklist with your business’ identity, goals, and needs always top-of-mind.

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After sending 5 newsletters, writing and publishing dozens of original content articles from the industry’s brightest minds, and strategically nurturing with email and digital, the results are in: Master-Planned Insights has not only become a success in delivering on PCR’s goal—it’s now a proven blueprint for others looking to implement an effective content marketing strategy.

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