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From Corporate Events to Rental Businesses

In 2016 we entered the world of corporate events working with the largest B2B events company in North America. We planned, we executed, and quickly fell in love with the dynamics and operations. Along the way we developed great relationships with event planners, and rental businesses alike.


We have since not only created successful marketing plans for growing events, but also learned a lot of the mechanics of the rental side, allowing us to develop websites, software and advance the possibilities of the industry.

If you want to:

Equipment & Event Rental is complicated. It was always easy to get caught chasing your tail. And now… Staffing challenges and competition from large players have made things even more, well, dog-eat-dog.

It’s time to transform key parts of your equipment rental business, and see how it can run when you’ve got things aligned. A digital interface designed specifically for your field by Twelve Legs Marketing creates new possibilities:

  • Enhance productivity by automating processes
  • Bolster credibility by implementing planning and consistency
  • Earn business

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About Us

So, who are we?

We stand out from most digital marketing agencies, because we go out of our digital bubble and spend time observing operations to understand what goes on under the hood.


We also participate in industry events to meet and talk directly to the people who make the rental magic happen behind the scenes. 


We take the learnings and translate them into successful websites, based on over two decades of turning digital investments into profits. 


That’s our secret sauce to knowing what’s important to the rental industry when it comes to websites and digital marketing.

A decade of proven results

Twelve Legs Marketing has more than a decade of experience delivering transformative digital materials and tools to our respected range of clients. Now, with this offering, we’re able to bring the kind of industry insights, best practices and technology advantages that allow your business to run at it’s best.

If you:


Want to see our work in action? Take a look at our portfolio…

Website Development & Automation

Suburban Rental

Suburban Rental needed to modernize their website and automate requests for quotes. 


One of their challenges? They have two lines of  business, which are operated from two separate Alert Rental installs.


Our team was able to work with the owner of the operation to define the business rules and necessary customizations that fit their unique needs.

The result? A reliable website, which enables hundreds of quote requests, without the need of a human on standby by the phone!

Custom Wishlist, eCommerce and Customer Portal

Encore Events Rentals

Encore Events Rentals has always offered a unique experience to their clients. We helped them implement that into their website.


Professional event planners have the capability to log into a customer portal, review account information, even switch between accounts if applicable. In real time they can start, submit and modify reservations. Everything, of course, aligned with Encore’s specific business rules.


Users who are not allowed real-time reservations capabilities can still browse and develop their Wishlists. Progress can be saved, updated and shared with others. Once ready, Wishlists can be submitted for a quote with the clieck of a button!

The result? eCommerce and Wishlist experiences enabling their audiences to have as unique of an experience as the company itself!

Our Events & Equipment Rental Services

Suburban Rental - Custom Website Development and Design eCommerce

Rental Websites

Modernize your store’s online presentation and more importantly, enable your prospects and customers browse your inventory online.

Alert Rental Integrations

Let customers directly request quotes, place reservations and make payments, reducing the burden on employees and the margin of error.


Customer Portal


Search Engine Optimization

Leverage our bulletproof local SEO strategies to rank organically at the top of Google search results.

Social Media Done For You

Instantly reduce the time you spend posting to social media from hours every week to almost nothing!

Search Engine Marketing

Show at the top of Google for key search terms, and position your business as an industry leader through custom content.

Acquisition and Activation

Reach the right audience and stay in front of them with retargeting and pairing with direct mail and addressable video.

Marketing Automation

Seamlessly execute marketing across social media, email and other channels.
digital strategy timeline

The Ultimate Internet Marketing Checklist for Event and Equipment Rental Businesses

Trying to figure out how to get more calls and leads from the internet can be frustrating. The digital arena has become segmented and is changing almost daily. From SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email, etc.


We get it.


This cheat sheet will help you identify the holes in your current online presence in order to take your company to the next level online.

Ralitsa Carter, Co-Owner and Digital Strategy Director

We’re ready to run!

Let Twelve Legs Marketing show you the possibilities for your Equipment Rental business.

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We are excited to announce that Twelve Legs Marketing, was named “Full-Service Agency of the Year” by the American Advertising Federation Colorado.