One Team One Dream

Ragtag bunch of misfits or a perfectly-assembled force of talent and experience? Perhaps a little of both. Fertile young minds, marketing mavericks, award-winners, well-connected community stalwarts, and seasoned vets—the sum of our parts equals a team fine-tuned to produce results. 



Award Winning Videographer
FAA Licensed Drone Pilot
(719) 649-5738

Twelve Legs Marketing was founded by me, Jason Carter — a former Television Anchor and Reporter — who was looking for a way to continue doing what he loved, without all the breaking news and missed family time that used to fill my days. During my time in television and continuing today, I hold more than 25 awards from professional broadcast organizations for my use of video and storytelling. I am also an FAA Licensed Drone Pilot. Now, with the backing of my wife and 2 dogs (12 total legs), I am honored to bring more than a decade of video production and editing to you. With a love and passion for sports, I have also worked with local colleges, high schools, and individual families to bring their sport adventures to life. Twelve Legs Marketing is the leader in producing high quality recruiting videos for those athletes who hope to continue their athletic career after high school, or just want some memories to one day share with their kids. We produce high quality videos to support your business and advertising needs. From explainer videos, to TV commercials, to drone footage of buildings you want to feature, we can deliver it all under one roof.



Google Certified
Digital Strategy Architect
(323) 703-8437

Hi! It’s nice to meet you. I specialize in building data-driven digital strategies, as well as executing on them to deliver business success. I have over 10 years of experience in cross-channel marketing, including PPC, SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, Direct Mail, Marketing Automation. Before I started specializing in digital marketing, I worked in animation, video editing, and graphic design, which allows me to implement those skills when needed to benefit my clients.

I hold a MBA Degree in Marketing and Strategy from the Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito School of Management (Claremont Graduate University) and hold a professional certification in Digital Marketing from the Columbia Business School. I am also Google Certified and never stop developing my skills, so I can provide the best support to your business.

In my spare time, I love spending time outside, exploring beautiful Colorado. I also volunteer at UCHealth Memorial and The Shandy Clinic with our therapy certified dog Rio.

I’d love to hear from you with any questions or needs you might have on the digital front!



Business Development
(719) 338-5085

I had a hard time doing the math when I first heard ‘12 legs’ in ‘Twelve Legs Marketing’! How do 2 humans have 12 legs? Oh, add the precious puppies and there you have it. I had the pleasure of working previously with Rali Carter and found her energy, intelligence and motivation to be just what I needed – on a regular basis, so as the newest member of the Twelve Legs team, I am once again working with Rali and Jason – what joy!

I have the most experience on the team just because of my decades on this earth. Aside from over 30 years of sales and marketing experience, at the heart of it all, I am truly just a “connector”. It is what I do. It all just boils down to the broth in the bottom of the dog bowl – connecting people feeds you. It is life-changing and soul-providing, and essentially how every business and personal transaction begins (or should). After graduating from Purdue University, I loved working in the cosmetics industry, starting my own company, collecting spare change in banking, managing events for a world-renowned auto race and persisting in agency advertising, all of which contributed to helping companies grow and prosper. I am getting started on that task right now here at Twelve Legs Marketing!

I’ll call you – we will connect!



Digital Media Strategist
FAA Licensed Drone Pilot

My position as Digital Media Strategist allows me to share my strengths, knowledge and experience to drive marketing growth for our clients. Serving the front range of Colorado is no stranger to me as I grew up a Colorado Springs native before attending Colorado State University. During my time in Fort Collins I received a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Media Communication, which allowed me to pursue a Google Analytic’s certification and a love for Search Engine Optimization. In addition, I was able to dive deep into the world of video production and editing while in school. Through analytics and video, I am able to support our clients in perfecting digital marketing, in the growing age of technology and online communication.

During my time away from the craft, I spend my hours playing as much basketball as I can, enjoying the outdoors, and discovering music. My goal in life is to continue growing with those around me and expanding my knowledge in all areas of life.



Content Strategy Director

Howdy, I’m Bob. Your humble Content Strategy Director. You know, there are a lot of words floating around in the ether. I just try to grab the right ones—those that inform, entertain, and spur action—and arrange them in ways that aim to captivate and compel your customer. I’ve been at it for 15+ years, with global non-profits, national ad agencies, educational publishing companies, the world’s largest B2B events organizer…and today I can’t think of a better place to be hitting my stride than right here at Twelve Legs Marketing.

No content article is too big, and no Google Ad too small. Be it a video script, white paper, brochure, email campaign, you name it…if it needs to be written to help boost engagement and produce results for your business, Twelve Legs is your team. And as the dude who will do your writing, rest assured that I’ll do it with the greatest of care and aplomb. Because purposeful words can drive action. The right tone always resonates. And voices carry…



Social Media Manager

Hola, ¿qué tal? Soy Petya. 

I’m a T – shaped marketer, with work experience in London and Barcelona (where I am based right now).

 I’m responsible for creating and managing social media campaigns (both organic and paid), social media content and design, guiding brand voice, as well as PPC campaigns, across ad platforms. (push and pull channels)

In my spare time I am part of a dance crew. I dedicate some time in the gym as part of my morning routine before heading to the office and I always enjoy a long stroll along the Barcelona beach.

My true inspiration and what stands behind everything I do is being present and being the best version of yourself. 

I look forward to connecting with you and developing your social media presence in the most unique and fitting way to complement your business goals!



Office Manager 

I am driven by the passion for challenges. 

I come from the world of business management and I deeply believe in: The Work, The Network, The Open Mind. I built my career over the last 20+ years working for the Radio and Music industry, managing three radio stations for Emmis International, followed by lobbying for the Music Producers Rights in the European Parliament. 

I am happy to be working with the exceptional team at Twelve Legs Marketing, bringing my knowledge of and experience in successful business development and financial management to the company’s assets.

In the modern marketing age, I find the challenge of introducing and adopting new technologies exciting! The solution, however, always goes hand-in-hand with a solid business and financial strategy. I believe in best-in-class business transforming ideas and solutions, and that is what we do.

You are invited to our world, let’s build the future together!



Digital Strategist

Hi there, I am Volen! I joined Twelve Legs Marketing after 30+ years of trading grains and coffee, globally. For those not familiar with the space, that involved a lot of research, relationship building and real-time negotiating and bidding to achieve the best quality and price for my clients. Stepping into Digital marketing and strategy, has allowed me to adopt new technologies and get a new perspective for the fast pace on real-time trading. 

Have a new campaign to set up? I am your guy! From implementing on multiple channels, to taking daily care of your investment through detailed analysis and optimization.

Don’t be afraid to step into the digital space – just be sure that you are going in the right direction. There is a “small” detail – you should have the support of the right partner. Data driven professionals who think creatively – this is what I found at Twelve Legs Marketing!  

When I am away from work, I love reading, hiking, biking, skiing, and playing with my dogs.

I am happy to serve you, so that your results improve!



Digital Project Coordinator

Hi, I’m Madelyn!

I am a sixth generation Colorado Springs native with an affinity for the great outdoors. During the summer, you can find me trekking the Rocky Mountains, paddle boarding in a snowmelt filled reservoir, or rediscovering historic Colorado Springs alongside my newly adopted long haired dachshund, Peewee. In the winter, you will find me snowboarding in Summit county nearly every weekend. Besides my love for Colorado, I also have a passion for helping businesses create and execute successful marketing campaigns.

Less than one year into my bachelor’s degree, I immediately knew that marketing was for me. I initially began my studies at Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business where I was connected with several NYC marketing professionals that introduced me to the different facets of their trade. Being able to combine my passions for brand aesthetics, design, and business strategy has propelled me into starting my career in digital marketing. Now, having experience in SEO, social media, and print, I am looking forward to expanding my marketing horizons alongside the experienced team that makes up Twelve Legs Marketing.


Rio & Oreo

Director & VP of Barketing

As Director and VP of Barketing, Oreo and Rio have the important job of entertaining our team and giving puppy kisses and tail wags when necessary. Both are Therapy Certified and volunteer among our community.

It all started in 2015...

That’s when, after a decade as a TV sports anchor and digital marketing whiz, respectively, Jason and Ralitsa Carter officially cut the ribbon on Twelve Legs Marketing. 

In the beginning there were 12 legs (husband + wife + two dogs).

And, yada yada yada…

Within five years, our work has racked up honors like Media Strategist of the Year and Producer of the Year by the American Advertising Federation, Best of The Springs by The Gazette, multiple Murrow Awards, and an Emmy nomination.

Wait, did we just yada-yada the best part?

Sure, the accolades are wonderful, humbling validation for which we’re truly grateful, but none of it would be possible without our customers—those who have been with us from the beginning, those joining us today, and those who we can’t wait to meet down the line. We are serious about helping you move the needle for your business. 

Now here we are today. The demand for our services continues to increase, so we’ve grown and added to our leg count—but some things will never change. We’ll always be a company built on positive personalities, creative minds, and passionate hearts. Everything we create and deliver for you is 100% unique and captivating. And it all comes together to give your business legs. 

If you’re just starting out and need to build momentum… 

If you’re established but looking for new ways to cut through the clutter… 

If you simply need to recalibrate and ensure sustained growth… 

Twelve Legs Marketing can show you the bottom line impact of advanced, 360-degree marketing that’s affordable and accessible—customized to tell your unique story.

The Twelve Legs Dogma

In the spirit of full disclosure, there’s something we should tell you right up front. We love dogs. We all have dogs…they sometimes accompany us to the office…they’re simply a fundamental part of the Twelve Legs family. 

Our fondness for pups even influences how we do business. 

Some call them brand values, we like to think of it as our organizational dogma. Striving to emulate the qualities that make our canine companions so darn special, we are:


Smiles and tail wags…we love seeing you and we love working with you, always.


We approach every project, every partnership, every day…with unleashed ambition.


Instinctual, astute, and progressive, we mix well-trained experience with timely new tricks.


Always sniffing around for new things, an inquisitive spirit invigorates our work.


In business and in life, partnerships are meaningful—we stick by your side no matter what.


Authentic and well-tempered, we stand our solid ground refusing to be anything but ourselves.

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