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Job Purpose

At Twelve Legs Marketing, one of our values is “Big Picture”. Through team support, transparency, and accountability we are reminded consistently of the client’s KPIs and goals allowing us to strategize, implement, and optimize towards clear common goals.

You will support internal and external, projects with the guidance of an the Digital Director. You will be responsible for client and server software planning and development, as well as ongoing maintenance and improvements for those projects.

We are looking for for an independent Software Developer. Key skills:

  • WordPress / PHP / HTML / CSS / JavaScript
  • Must be able to code/comprehend PHP code, not just copy/paste
  • Confidence with web tooling (ftp, ssh, etc.)
  • Linux server administration/remote management – Apache/NGINX/MySQL
  • Writes Bash Scripts
  • Confidence with Linux tools and SSH
  • Ideally: dotNET Core / C# and Azure app services
  • Ideally: GIT source control, continuous integration/continuous deployment experience
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent (minimum 12 years work experience). If Associate’s Degree, must have equivalent minimum 6 years work experience

Be A Web Hero

Working closely with the Digital Strategy Director you’ll drive the strategy, execution, and care across applications.

Evolution Sidekick

What’s a good application without speed and understanding what users want? Support the Digital Strategy Director by pushing the boundaries of web/mobile experiences and flow, while enabling users to achieve specific goals.

Support Digital Team

While you are responsible for the execution of dev work for our clients, we believe that no man is an island and everyone should support each other in making digital efforts more effective.

What is Success?

As digital professionals nothing is more infuriating than being asked, “Is anyone even using my solutions?”

We care about our clients’ businesses as if they were our own. Our team helps our clients with innovation strategies and can move ideas quickly to life. 12x faster. 12x better. 12x growth.

A Little Bit About Us

We are entrepreneurs at heart. Call us hustlers if you like. We own our projects and drive them forward. You might quite like us if you:

  • Thrive when working as team
  • Take ownership of your work “Your project, your baby”
  • Love to share ideas and knowledge with the team
  • Know how to organize yourself and deliver on-time
  • Have a growth mindset
  • Care about clients’ success
  • Willing to go the extra mile
  • Love all things marketing and are actively working towards becoming the best in your field

Do you fit the personality?


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