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Video Pre-Production

You have decided to make a video? Great! As part of your video pre-production, first up is the script. Your script is more than just putting words together to create a narrative. It is the foundation of your video and can be the difference between an impactful piece of content and a mediocre one.

Script writing is a skill set, very different to other copy writing. Great script writers, balance the right words with the correct timing. Our copywriters are not only very talented, but they also base their work on your completed pre-production video checklist. That allows them to customize the script to your business’ identity, goals and needs.

A successful script should have 5 main components:

  1. Establishing a problem or need your target audience has – stay relevant to who you are addressing
  2. Introduce a solution (usually your product or service) in the first 10 seconds – make sure people know who the video is from and what it will be about early on
  3. Be authentic and share expertise – with thought leadership marketing; authenticity works in your favor
  4. Feature the benefits of your solution – what’s in it for your audience
  5. Wrap up with a strong and compelling call-to-action – don’t let people wonder; tell them exactly what you want them to do

Once you sketch out your top-line topics to discuss, it is time to determine the style and language you want to use. Once again, focusing on your target audience will be your key to being successful. Think about it this way, would a teenager and your grandma care about the same things? Probably not. Make sure you address the generations you are targeting in an appropriate manner.

Are you ready to sit down and start writing? Cool! Just don’t forget the word “timing.” Make sure you stay mindful of the length you want your video to end up being. Want a cool tip? The rule of thumb is: every 60 seconds of video equates to a script length of approximately 150 words. You read that right! So, make sure every word you add to your script counts.

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