Twelve Legs Marketing is a video production company in Colorado Springs. We are committed to providing high quality, effective video marketing services at affordable prices.

Our clients succeed with video marketing by utilizing our services to create personal, authentic content, which appeals to their viewers (no cookie-cutter approaches).

We work with many local businesses and organizations to enable and empower their internal teams to achieve marketing and sales goals. Our content and digital marketing pros work hand-in-hand to inform your winning video strategy, leading to affordable, and effective videos which are right for you.

Near and far, our team can accommodate video shoots that fit your high-quality, custom video needs.

Video Production Services

Our mission is to enable local businesses to grow by developing an understanding of the medium, video terminology and video benefits better, as well as executing on more engaging and targeted marketing.

We want to help you tell your story. A story that inspires, builds relationships, and becomes part of your customers’ lives.

From Script Writing...

Creative writing is a skill and an art. Our team is here to develop the message that fits your brand and engages your audience.


Access a wide range of voice talent through our carefully developed network, over many years in the industry.

... To Video Editing

Take your story to the end goal with the necessary presentation and final touches. Our editing team spends hours in research and training so you can get the best results with your video!

Quality Custom Videos Features

Custom video storytelling—a mesmerizing and practical storytelling technique, yet affordable custom video content production.

Affordable Colorado Springs video production.

When it comes to professional video production, there is simply no substitute for experience. 

We’ve worked on many different video projects—from corporate video production to animation, to attention-grabbing sizzle videos—and can guide you through the planning process while adapting to your specific needs and budget. 

We’ll help you develop the right strategy and produce video that fosters engagement, enhances user experience, improves lead conversions, increases sales, and builds trust.

Drive measurable results with video.

Going way beyond just the production, our video and content pros work closely with our analytics and digital team to develop a robust marketing strategy that ensures your videos are seen, shared, and acted upon. Read more about video advertising and how your business can benefit from it.

We won’t stop until you see tangible business results and exponential ROI.

Not sure where to start?

Maybe you know you need a video to stay competitive, but only a vague idea of what it needs to be. 

Perhaps your vision is crystal clear, and you’re ready to provide everything but the 4K cameras and sophisticated post-production studio. 

Wherever you are in your video marketing journey, we’ll meet you there—and you’ll get video that exceeds your expectations, delivers on your objectives, and wows your customers.

Colorado Springs video production - tell your unique story with an award-winning video team.

There are companies that “do” video production, and then there’s Twelve Legs Marketing. 

Founded by Jason Carter, a former TV anchor and reporter, quality video production is in our DNA. 

With well over a decade of experience both in front of and behind the camera, our video team holds more than 30 awards from professional broadcast organizations including: 

  • Mosaic Addy Award by the American Advertising Federation – the first one awarded in Colorado Springs
  • Producer of the Year by the American Advertising Federation
  • multiple Telly Awards 
  • multiple Murrow Awards for video use and storytelling
  • multiple Society of Professional Journalists Awards for feature stories
  • Emmy nomination
  • Best of The Springs by The Gazette

Add to the list of awards FAA-licensed drone pilots and seasoned scriptwriters, and we don’t just follow the video marketing trends—we set them.

Jason Carter, Owner and Lead Videographer

We are here to answer any questions you have!


Video production - how it works

Today, we are surrounded by content. We access information all the time, from multiple devices. 

The accessibility of information is great for the end user, however, as a business, there is a lot of noise to compete with. 

Video can help you cut through the clutter. It evokes emotion, humanizes your brand, and helps you connect with your audience in a way that text cannot. 

Because of that, video has become the most effective form of digital communication when used in a digital marketing plan. It is effective throughout the entire customer journey, from awareness to engagement, purchase, retention, and advocacy.

Getting to know you

Before we dive into video production, we invest time to get to know each client we work with.

Understanding your goals and target audience are crucial to the following phases of video production.

Selecting the right video approach for your custom needs

Every client we work with is different. Their voice, their goals, their target audience, etc.

Selecting the the best approach for your video needs allows your company to get high-quality custom videos, shot on location & professionally edited. Choosing the right type of video production focuses your budget on what will support your business goals.

In selecting the best video production value, we strive to offer you the best quality product, every time.

51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.

Video drives conversions, higher than other forms of media. But it’s not practical to use video for everything.

Start by identifying where you’re looking to drive the most business impact, and Twelve Legs Marketing will take it from there.

We can guide you through your video production choices and select what is best for your budget, your product, and your advertising channels.

We can also help you develop your video marketing messaging and distribution strategy, and implement paid channels tied with powerful analytics to maximize the ROI on your video production dollars.

We are happy when our clients are happy!

Types of Video Production

Business Videos

Grab your customer’s attention and let your brand’s personality shine with a business explainer video that spotlights your product, service, team, or entire organization.  

Colorado Indian Market and Southwest Art Fest Video Production
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Explainer Videos

Fully equipped to produce promotional advertisements meant for TV, your website, or social media, we can ease your burden by taking care of the entire production process.

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Sky’s the limit when it comes to animation—and our team includes skilled animators who can bring your ideas to life in ways that are unique, entertaining, and have mass appeal. 

persuasive copywriting
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360 Videos

When you feature 360 content, you’re almost guaranteed more views. Much more than just a fad, 360 degree videos are interactive and immersive, putting the viewer in control while making your product or service remarkably visceral.

The footage our licensed drone pilots capture with aerial videography is downright extraordinary. Still shots, crane shots, pan shots, tracking shots, and so much more…all in full HD or 4K quality, the versatility of drone video is truly incredible. And our drone pilots are insured!

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Timelapse Videos

We’ve all seen the cool features…where events that take days, weeks, months, even years to play out in the natural world complete their cycle in a few minutes, making you wish you were there. This approach is called timelapse.

Making an impact in today’s overcrowded business space takes experience and creativity.

Experience starts from the planning phase where we offer unmatched learnings from promoting hundreds of videos every year and seeing first hand what viewers respond to best.

Creativity is a must in order to stand out. We source our creativity from years of experience, in front and behind the camera, working with any possible equipment, and through any imaginable scenario.

Don’t compromise with your investment – connect with our skilled video production team in Colorado Springs. We look forward to talking to you!

We are excited to announce that Twelve Legs Marketing, was named “Full-Service Agency of the Year” by the American Advertising Federation Colorado.