Give Your Business Legs

Twelve Legs Marketing can show you the bottom line impact of meaningful marketing that’s accessible, affordable, and sustainable—customized to tell your unique story.

Big, small, broad, or niche, your business is unique.

Twelve Legs Marketing is all in on unique. We know that being different is about being better, and in order for you to produce real results, fitting in won’t cut it—you’ve got to stand out. 

The most advanced targeting and conversion capabilities in the digital universe. Next-level websites and compelling content. Top it all off with award-winning video production, and that’s how you connect with customers and drive sales. That’s how you stand out.


Nestled in the shadow of Pikes Peak, we support all types of businesses across the Colorado Front Range…and beyond. Twelve Legs Marketing provides a full suite of end-to-end services that work in lockstep with your business objectives. 

Video Production

Visually-stunning and award-winning video production provides the capstone you need to outshine your competition.

Content Creation

Compelling content will position your brand as industry-leading while moving customers through a streamlined sales funnel.

Digital Marketing

Find and captivate your customers online with today’s most sophisticated SEO, SEM, display, and mobile marketing techniques.

Website Care and Development

The success you build begins with a solid foundation—a website fine-tuned to pique interest and drive sales.

Social Media Management

Social Media can make or break your business. Here you get thoughtful planning and precise execution.

Market Research

Every business is distinct. Let’s start by identifying what makes you better than the rest...and irresistible to your target customer.

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We take pride in helping small local businesses build momentum with advanced marketing they would otherwise find too expensive and inaccessible. And for larger companies, we’re here to improve your marketing efficiencies and optimize your advertising costs.