Social Media Management


Humanize your brand and enlighten your community.

For some, social media is a bit of a nuisance, but a necessary evil nonetheless. Others get twitchy if they can’t check their feeds every 5 minutes. Whichever group you identify with most, here’s a universal fact: 42% of the world uses social media platforms—that’s about 3.2 billion of us. So, if you’re not established and active on social media, it’s a detriment to your business. 

Managing your brand’s social media can be a full time job. If you lack the time to maintain a consistent presence, or the inclination to keep up with ever-evolving trends, we can help.

Be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, or the perfect combination for your business needs, Twelve Legs Marketing Social Media Management will elevate your brand, help you increase audience reach and engagement, and implement advanced tracking that shows the true impact of social media.

Content Strategy

It starts with a health check of your current social presence, then setting SMART objectives. This includes researching trends and topics of discussion among your audience/target customers to drive and intentionally distribute engaging content through the best channels.

Content Planning

Maintaining consistent and coherent posts across social channels takes a lot of prep and organization. It’s a fast-paced and nimble medium, but a detailed plan that uses social and web monitoring, trend and hashtag tracking, etc., makes it much easier to align posts with the needs of your customers.

Content Creation and Curation

Videos, articles, infographics, and a lot of high-quality photos and images go a long way in grabbing attention and getting those coveted likes and shares. Our team can craft the perfect blueprint based on what your company may already have, or create fresh, regular content on your behalf to inform your followers.

Complete Campaign Management

After all the strategizing, planning, and content creation, we’ll keep the momentum going 24/7/365 by following brand mentions, conversations, and user behaviors, providing regular analytics reporting, monitoring your competition, and tracking potential leads.

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