Importance of Video Close Captioning and Transcribing

The conversation around must-dos, trends, best practices, and tips in the ever-growing video content creation space can be quite dizzying. Nowadays, stunning content alone is no longer enough to carry your business to success. However, you must now consider if your video content is inclusive and accessible. Will it get a favorable search engine ranking? Is the content well-optimized to fit into your target audience’s always-on-the-go routine?

To help with the above-mentioned issues, you need additional tactics to make your online video content more visible. This is where closed captioning and transcribing come into play.

Video Transcription and Closed Captioning

Transcribing your video entails translating its audio into text. Without it, your video relies entirely on audiovisual content to get your message across.

One of the most effective ways to engage with the right clients is by using optimized video content. According to statistics, six out of ten users prefer watching online videos to TV programs.

Real-time captioning and transcription offer a variety of benefits for your business and are effective for reaching wider audiences. Here are a few reasons why they are important in video content marketing and why you should apply them to your business.

Makes Your Videos Accessible

Originally, closed captions were developed to accommodate and offer an equal entertainment experience for the deaf and people who are hard of hearing. Naturally, it makes sense that accessibility is among the leading reasons for transcribing your content. A transcript is the entire plain text document of all the generated captions while captions are the text that accompanies your video and is time-synchronized.

A combination of closed captioning and transcription offers an essential alternative to the 360 million populace globally experiencing disabling hearing loss and nearly 50 million Americans experiencing hearing loss.

In a nutshell, closed captions and transcripts allow them to consume your video content without relying on spoken words, making the content accessible, and increasing your potential clientele, simultaneously.

Improves Indexing for SEO

Unbeknownst to many, closed captioning is a very effective tool in assisting your video content get a higher search engine result ranking. Search engine optimization (SEO) is very instrumental in growing crucial organic leads and visitors that can help with a successful internet marketing campaign. Like websites, videos also benefit from SEO. Optimized videos are much easier to find by users than those that are not.

In the same way that content marketing works for website SEO, closed caption transcription can also improve your video SEO. Search engines operate by crawling through the written content on your website for phrases, keywords, and other written material matching what a user searches.

Closed captioning on your videos provides the same for written content on your video. This is essential because search engine algorithms and bots may not fully figure out your video’s content from the audio content alone.

Writing captions and transcribing allows your video content to be substantially more searchable. Not only can viewers easily find the video content they are looking for, but also search engines can crawl your content, driving traffic to your website. Interactive transcripts allow viewers to search for certain keywords within your transcript and get results everywhere it appears.

Viewers can jump to a particular spot in the video where the keyword appears and watch it starting at that relevant spot. By boosting overall customer satisfaction and user interaction, and experience, your website will get more traffic and potential quality leads.

Engages Prospective Customers Right Away

In today’s world, the media we utilize to consume online content is rapidly changing and so are the different methods of how we avail that media to viewers. For example, videos on numerous social media platforms will autoplay on mute.

So, when you are unable to capture your audience’s attention with audio, you still have another way to do so by using closed captions. Your audience can still be captivated by what is being said, even in the absence of audio. This allows them to become engaged and quickly learn what your video is conveying without turning the audio on.

Offers Viewing Options in Sound-Sensitive Environments

Closed captions offer viewers the option to watch videos in environments in which listening to audio files is impractical. For example, if you are in a crowded street or noisy train, offline captioning can convey the message on your video screen when the audio is obscured. Additionally, viewers can enjoy your video content on mute in quiet environments like the office or library

Nowadays, it is common practice for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to autoplay videos on mute. 85% of videos on Facebook are watched on mute, according to research by Digiday. Viewers will not be able to understand your video content in the absence of audio or closed captions.

Other Benefits of Closed Captioning

The importance of using transcripts on your video content cannot be overemphasized. Other reasons for using them include:

  • Easier creation of derivative content such as montages, clips, and reels
  • Enhanced audience comprehension
  • Staying in line with legal requirements
  • Enhanced convenience for translation into foreign languages
  • Improvement of average watch time

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