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Strategy to Scale

When we first got introduced to QC Ware, the company was preparing their third annual conference in the Bay Area, focusing on practical quantum computing. 

The good news was that we were not expected to be experts on quantum computing. 

The even better news was that Twelve Legs Marketing had a team experienced in industry event marketing, ready and willing to partner with QC Ware to help grow attendance.


Starting with a two-day strategy session was one of the best decisions we made collectively. It allowed us to get to know each others teams, and dive deep into the business’ goals, competitive landscape and prepare the foundation of the roadmap to a 34%+ growth in attendance and 2x increase in sponsorships, year-over-year!

Performance-Driven Digital Marketing Footprint

The opportunity we saw from the very start of this relationship was to leverage the presence of the corporate brand QC Ware, the upcoming product launch of QC Ware Forge and the need for a new, fresh look and feel of Q2B Practical Quantum Computing.

Each of these properties drives a slightly different audience, and are the perfect platforms to understand behaviors and interests in order to optimize communications.

Between the build of the three new websites, a data-driven, multi-channel communication plan and a strong, ongoing relationship with the leadership of QC Ware, we were off to the races

QC Ware: Corporate Website

Guided by the complex principles of Quantum Computing, and following the ultimate goal of simplicity and clean presentation, QC Ware successfully launched their new website and enabled the needed ongoing evolution to support business growth.

In addition to usability and ease of navigation, the new website became a lead generation tool with marketing automation to support user nurturing.

QC Ware Corporate Website - Web Development - Twelve Legs Marketing
QC Ware Forge Quantum Computing - Website Development - Twelve Legs Marketing

QC Ware forge: Product Website

QC Ware Forge was featured on TechCrunch for giving developers access to quantum hardware and simulators across a multitude of vendors.

The new product website continues to support prospect enterprise partners as they evaluate quantum computing resources to support the future of their organizations. 

Q2B Practical Quantum Computing: Event Website

Q2B is an annual, industry conference, focusing on the business application of quantum computing.

As a starting point, we performed extensive research of national and global competitor events to evaluate the landscape within we were looking to grow.

The new, modern website we developed for Q2B allowed us to have full control of messaging and presentation throughout the promotional cycle.

We were also able to refine the user experience as data started coming in and we closely monitored interactions. 

The real-time updates of the website were key to keeping the experience fresh for users and incentivizing them to come back over and over again.

Reaching People At the Right Time with The Right Message

The Digital Campaign 

Before launching any marketing efforts, it was imperative to have the right tracking in place, so we could monitor ROI and attribution of registrations. It was a fun time looking into and understanding the complexities of touch points before a user registered for the event.

Without a doubt, this campaign was a beautiful example that decision making is not linear and every part of the funnel – from awareness to conversion played an important role in the overall outcome!

Taking Reach From The 100s To The 1,000s

Starting with a strong focus on awareness, we worked hand-in-hand with the PR team controlling the timing of messaging and target audiences.

Through the run of the campaign , we worked with over 270 creative pieces and 20+ niche partners.

As the build up of awareness evolved it was interesting to monitor the change in how people were searching for relevant information. That was a key aspect to further drive optimization efforts and keep the audiences engaged.

Direct Communication – The Power of Email

When finessing any communication plan we find it very important to pay attention to when, where, and how audiences engage. Tying together the real-time website content changes, and the nearly real-time creative updates, we were able to build a robust group of engaged users who voluntarily wanted to learn more about the event. You cannot beat that!

Building a captive audience, however, was just the beginning. Segmentation kicked in almost instantly, as we were learning more about further interaction with the website and media messages across the web.

As notes above, no one’s experience is linear… Oh, the joys of digital marketing!

Website Traffic Matters

Through our carefully selected mix of channels, we were able to efficiently scale up the reach of Q2B’s messaging. By carefully observing and listening to our target audience engagement remained high. All efforts drove a 700%+ increase in relevant traffic to the event website, year-over-year.

The True Dedication of Partners 

But what is traffic without actual conversions?

Not much really…

Throughout the whole 6-month cycle of the event, we did not work alone. We had a backing of a true partner who was engaged with what was happening, and open to sharing insights as they were seen from within the organization.

Here’s the sweetest part…a 34%+ increase in attendees meant 626% ROAS (return on advertising spend), which included our time. No hidden fees!

With this great experience under our belts, we are honored to be invited to continue supporting the brand as they continue to grow and make a difference in the world of quantum computing! 

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