A Good Website is The Foundation of Your Business

The headline calls it the foundation. It could also be described as the cornerstone. Linchpin. Epicenter, heartbeat, lifeforce…

Whichever hyperbolic term you prefer, that’s how critical a website is to your business. A website can make or break your success. That’s not hyperbole—it’s a fact.

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The average person spends 5 hours online every day…and Google alone logs more than 3.5 billion searches. What are they all doing? Well, 82% of consumers conduct research online while 79% shop online, according to Forbes and Tech Crunch, respectively. 

The importance of a website extends to every aspect of your marketing strategy. As the backbone of your company (last one, we promise), every piece of content, every advertisement, every communication (digital or traditional) will compel customers to visit your website. 

So when your target consumer is acting on an ad, researching, or shopping products or services in your market sector, chances are they’ll visit your website before ever setting foot in your store or speaking to a salesperson. 

And you know what they say about first impressions. 

A website is your frontline marketing and sales workhorse, 24/7/365—promoting your brand to interested users while educating, informing, and hopefully driving action. 

What Are The Essential Elements Of A Good Website?

  • Easy Navigation: The best websites are all about function over flash. User experience (UX) is paramount. Visitors should be able to find what they need in just a couple of clicks, and while every website is unique, they don’t have to be over-complicated. For most businesses, Home> About Us> Services> Contact Us are the only sections necessary. With clear menus and calls-to-action throughout, of course.
Ice Heating & Cooling has easy website navigation

Ice Heating & Cooling
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  • Mobile-Friendly: 88% of consumers will start their product searches online, and 68% of them will be on their tablet or mobile device. Back to the importance of UX, if your website isn’t optimized for mobile, potential customers will be annoyed. It’s a detriment to your brand.

The Farm Custom Lots
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  • Clean and Alluring Design: Your site is the most important extension of your brand, so it should be attractive, enticing, and use only the colors, fonts, images, and logos that visually align with your business.
Example of a website page with a clean & clear design.

Q2B: Practical Quantum Computing
QC Ware: Enterprise Solutions for Quantum Computing
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  • Strong Copy and Compelling Content: Much like a good-looking design can visually communicate your brand, the voice and tone of your message is essential to helping you stand out. Weave in relevant, action-oriented keywords, influential content, and customer testimonials. When you greet your visitors with thoughtful copy, you humanize your brand and differentiate your company.
  • Speedy Load Times: We’re an impatient species, and it’s only gotten worse in the digital age. If your site doesn’t load within a few seconds, users may bounce. Professional web design will always keep UX and load times top of mind.
  • Clear CTAs, Easy Conversion: Whatever it is you want your visitor to do, it should be crystal clear the moment they hit your site. Fill out a contact form, download an asset, learn more, or straight-up “Buy Now,” it must be obvious and seamless for users to convert with a quick click.
Examples of a website that includes a clear call to action for the user.

James Lee IT: Recruiting Solutions
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  • Search Engine Optimization: You may have checked every box leading up to this bullet point with a website fine-tuned to drive sales—but just because you built it doesn’t mean they’ll come. Your site structure and content need to be optimized for search engines like Google. Professional website design includes SEO services that will illuminate your site and produce targeted, relevant clicks.

Does Your Business Have a Good Website?

If you have a website that’s firing on all cylinders, pulling in impressive analytics, and attracting and converting customers, that’s great! Chances are you’re optimized with most (if not all) of these essential elements.
But if your website could use a little freshening up, or (gasp!) you don’t even have a website to begin with, the skilled and experienced web development team at Twelve Legs Marketing is here to help.

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