Why Video Is Important For Business

As a video and digital marketing agency, we have one of the most important obligations.

Preparing businesses and companies of the future … for the future.

Not only does the competitive nature of future business drive new businesses to stay relevant, but it urges existing organizations to get back into the fast lane.

Yeah, video is the “fast lane” … surprise.

One of the most effective and efficient ways a new business can overrun an existing and established company is by reaching a larger audience through video marketing.

290 Million Americans are online. That’s 89% of the US population. 

77% of those Americans have a social media account, YouTube being amongst the highest in popularity and use.

Video marketing is taking a ’95 Subaru Outback and merging into the left lane, passing a Mercedes-Benz McClaren.

And not with speed, definitely not with speed … but simply because the driver of the Mercedes is too old and scared to keep up.

Sometimes the tortoise outsmarts the hare.

No matter how much an existing company may be worth, being able to effectively reach more people wins every time.

The longevity of anything, car or business, depends on how well you nurture and take care of it.

Video is that nurture your business might need.

Do You Know How Easy It Is To Make Your Company Visual?

It’s pretty easy.

Behind only Google, Youtube is the 2nd most used search engine in the world.

It is estimated almost 5 billion videos are being watched on YouTube every day. This is either absolutely mind blowing to you, or you probably already knew that YouTube contains mind- blowing truths.

When people want to learn about products/services, conduct research, learn how to do something, dive deeper, or even relieve their boredom, they “Google It.” Or…they YouTube it!

YouTube is the 2nd most utilized search engine monster behind Google.

Don’t forget, YouTube is 2nd in searches per day AND Google owns YouTube, so that helps.

In a sad sense, video is a remedy for our intensifying laziness. The average person in today’s age would much rather just watch a video rather than … well … do anything else really.

Why read about something when you can easily listen to someone else tell you about that something?

It’s just the way things are going. And not just for the younger generations …

8 out 10 people between the ages of 18-49 watch YouTube.

So better yet, watching videos is no longer cool. What’s cool is MAKING videos.

If you already know about something and consider yourself an expert, why not make life easier for the lazy-minded and tell them about it in a video?

If it’s tied to a product or service you have, you might just get their business—or at the very least, they share it on social media.

55% of millennials say pictures and videos are the most important part of a mobile shopping experience. Also, visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared than any other type of content.

So we know the audience is there, we know the ROI is there, we know it’s the direction marketing has gone. But maybe you’re still wondering what kind of video you’re going to make.

That’s okay, just keep reading.

Where Do I Start? How Do I Make Videos?

Don’t start with commercials. They’re more difficult, more expensive, and gain less traction. Down the line, when you’re as big as Geico, then go for it.

What you can do is answer questions. What do people want to know about your business, product, or service? What differentiates you? What insight do you have? Tell the world, and do it with a flourish. Video is a terrific opportunity to personalize your brand and relate to your potential customers.

Answering these questions in a video for an online audience gives you or your business a much higher chance to be discovered.

Especially, if you optimize the right way.

You’ve Heard of SEO, Yes?

In the simplest terms, Search Engine Optimization can describe how easy you are to find online.

Optimization can come in many different shapes and sizes. You can optimize a YouTube video with the title, description and tags. You can optimize a social media post with hashtags. You can optimize yourself with a funky hairdo and colorful clothes. Whatever stands out.

But how does video help your business, or more specifically, your website, stand out?

Well, surprise surprise, Google is king. And we want to make sure Google views you (your site) as the most knowledgeable, trustworthy and user friendly for whatever industry you’re in.

Turns out your audience is 80 percent more likely to read content if it’s paired with colorful visuals.

Google takes that statistic into account, sees your video paired with the complementary content you wrote and says “Hmm, they’ve got moxie, we’ll give them a shot.”

You’re On Your Way Towards Skyscraper Content

Build your content better than your competitors with skyscraper content.

Skyscraper Content: Website content that takes into account what others are writing about, then separating yourself from the pack with better keywords, photos, videos, links, backlinks, .pdfs, and so on.

Well, Hello

Now you may understand more clearly why it’s no secret we offer video and digital marketing here at Twelve Legs. We want our clients to be in the fast lane and we want to build the tallest skyscrapers, together.

Anyone can scratch the surface with video and also with digital, and there are many success stories, but if you want to learn more and accelerate your business by cruising in the fast lane, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

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