How to Generate a HAR File

A HTTP Archive (HAR) records all web browser requests including the request and response headers, the body content, and the page load time.

A HAR file can include sensitive details such as passwords, payment information, and private keys. You can manually remove sensitive information from a HAR file via a text editor before providing to your Twelve Legs Marketing Support team.

Currently, only Chrome and Firefox can access the HAR feature by default. Other browsers either require a browser extension or cannot generate a HAR. When installing a browser extension, follow the instructions from the extension provider.

Export HAR File in Chrome

1. In a browser page, right-click anywhere and select Inspect Element.

2. The developer tools either appear at the bottom or left side of the browser. Click the Network tab. 

3. Check Preserve log.

4. Click record.

5. Browse to the URL that causes issues. Once the issue is experienced, right click on any of the items within the Network tab and select Save all as HAR with Content.

 6. Attach the HAR file to your support ticket.

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