Introducing Alert Rental Customer Portal Integration for WordPress Websites: Allow Your Customers To Access Their Account Information At Their Fingertips

Equipment, Tools, Party and Event Rental Stores Improve Customer Service by Enabling Account Information Access

In a world where the clock never stops, one way to improve customer service is to enable your clients to check things off their list when convenient to them… without having to use up your precious human resource.

The Customer Portal integration between WordPress and Alert Rental allows rental businesses’ clients to view and interact with live data connected to their customer account. An easy to navigate dashboard provides all key elements of viewing important admin documents, making payments, event taking items off-rent early!

The standard Alert Rental Customer Portal integration includes:

  • View current balance
  • View open tickets
  • View open invoices
  • View closed invoices
  • Search closed invoices by Invoice Number
  • Search closed invoices by Date Range
  • Download PDF of open tickets and invoices
  • Make payments via credit card (ACH not supported by Alert Rental)
  • Courtesy one-time bulk upload of Customer Portal users per provided Excel Sheet by Client
  • Enable Sales to manage Customer Portal Users without managing website
  • Customers can create accounts and recover password without employee help
  • Login screen with automated password reset Self-registration of new users

Rental businesses’ staff will be able to:

  • Manage user accounts
  • Modify the portal with appropriate information you’d like to display
  • Collect your money faster

Alongside the standard integration, a number of customizations and add-ons are also available depending on how you want to further improve your customers’ experience:

  • Custom Customer Portal registration page
  • Enable same user to have access to multiple accounts
  • Take items Off Rent
  • Off-rent email notification by location (requires “Take items Off Rent”)
  • Off-rent print notification by location (requires “Take items Off Rent”)
  • Rename Customer Portal screens / menu labels

With this integration rental businesses are improving staff efficiency by leaving repetitive tasks to their available technology.

An Automated Approach To Rental Businesses

We are on a mission to improve business efficiencies by utilizing already available technology and enabling integrations.

Allowing website users to access their accounts with rental businesses (party or equipment) online can provide several benefits:

  1. Efficiency and Trust: Allowing your clients access to their account information speeds up processes for everyone involved, which leads to overall better experience and more trust.
  2. Improved revenue collection: The convenience to review and pay your bills online removes a big friction between businesses and their clients. Enabling your client to access their open invoices and make full or partial payments will speed up your collection of precious revenue.
  3. Improved customer experience: Providing a hassle-free experience to customers who are inquiring about your services can improve their overall experience with your business. By providing an easy and streamlined way to get an update on their account, you’re demonstrating that you value their time and are committed to providing excellent service.
  4. Ease of equipment flow: To take an item off rent likely means having to make a call to your store (during business hours). Why not enable your customers to do that when they can. Freedom of making choices and acting on them is a big part of earning customers trust and long-term business. You also can get your equipment back earlier if not needed to get the next order going!

Your customer portal can be the newest motor in your business in a few short weeks! If you are interested in implementing Customer Portal on your website, please contact us:

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