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At Twelve Legs Marketing, our new normal through the pandemic is to simply “be.”

  • Be here for our clients, customers, and friends.
  • Be here to keep your projects moving forward, as appropriate.
  • Be here to form new partnerships, when you’re ready.
  • Be here to keep you informed as you experience unexpected challenges…committed to providing as much support as possible.

some simple things we’re doing That Can Benefit Your Business

Stay up to date by following credible, official sources like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), and El Paso County Public Health department so you can respond quickly to changes that could affect you, your employees, or your customers.

Just as important as being informed, though, is knowing when to step back and take a breath. Fear and anxiety can be fed by too much news, alerts, and clickbait. Likewise, our compassion, trust, and gratitude can be fed by a good book, dog walk, or friendly conversation. Try to strike a nice balance.

Do you ever feel confused about digital terms or how to use various platforms to reach more people?

This might just be the best time to take an hour or so during the day to replenish, reinvigorate, and brush up on your knowledge.

Despite all the uncertainty, the show must go on.

There may not be a precedent for much of what’s happening today, but conducting business and forming partnerships from a distance is nothing new.

To keep your momentum going while social distancing, you might find value in using animated video to share your message, your story, or your products and services.

Our team brings years of experience and can help realize your simple or more complex ideas through animated video that’s entertaining and meaningful.

Right now is not the time to be lost among many businesses in Google search.

From creating FAQs for things your customers are likely to ask, to drafting templated responses for your email nurture campaigns, to ramping up your SEO article writing, opportunities to create content never end.

Now is also a great time to:

  • Audit the health of your website 
  • Take a deeper dive into your website’s user experience 
  • Monitor conversations online, relating to your field of work
  • Review the paid efforts you are running

When your daily routine is quieter than usual, channel your energy where it can count.

Sir Anthony Hopkins playing piano for his cat.

Arnold Schwarzenegger urging seniors to stay home with the help of his mini pony and donkey.

Patrick Stewart reciting Shakespeare.

Countless touring artists performing “concerts” or reading poetry from their living rooms.

Anything goes right now, and the grounds of social media have never been more fertile. Certainly, this is no time for “hustling,” but finding creative ways to differentiate your brand right now will pay off in the future.

Posting consistently can help strengthen your online presence in an uncertain time.

And in case you need some inspiration, we prepared a 60-day social plan to get you started! Let us know if you are interested in getting a copy.

Also, Google announced they will be making $340 million in credits available to Google Ads accounts to alleviate some of the cost of staying in touch with customers.

Need a second opinion on your Google Ads performance? Let’s connect!

Even though many of us continue to operate uninterrupted (thank you, Internet!), despite having to close our offices, it is good to know what businesses are deemed critical and remain open for your safety and convenience:

Healthcare Operations, Including:

Hospitals, clinics, and walk-in health facilities
Medical and dental care, including ambulatory providers
Research and laboratory services
Medical wholesale and distribution
Home health care companies, workers and aides
Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies
Behavioral health care providers
Veterinary care and livestock services
Nursing homes, residential health care, or congregate care facilities
Medical supplies and equipment manufacturers and providers, including
durable medical equipment technicians and suppliers

Critical Infrastructure, Including:

Utilities and electricity, including generation, transmission, distribution and fuel supply
Utilities and electricity, including generation, transmission, distribution and fuel supply
Road and railways
Oil and gas extraction, production, refining, storage, transport and
Public water and wastewater
Telecommunications and data centers
Transportation and infrastructure necessary to support authorized businesses
Hotels, and places of accommodation
Businesses and organizations that provide food, shelter, social services,
and other necessities of life for economically disadvantaged, persons with
access and functional needs, or otherwise needy individuals
Food and plant cultivation, including farming crops, livestock, food
processing and manufacturing, animal feed and feed products, rendering,
commodity sales, and any other work critical to the operation of any component of the food supply chain
Any business that produces products critical or incidental to the construction or operation of the categories of products included in this subsection

Critical Manufacturing, Including:

Food processing, manufacturing agents, including all foods and beverages
Computers and computer components
Medical equipment, components used in any medical device, supplies or instruments
Sanitary products
Household paper products
Any business that produces products critical or incidental to the processing, functioning, development, manufacture, packaging, or delivery of any of the categories of products included in this subsection
Any manufacturing necessary to support the Critical Infrastructure outlined in the previous section

Critical Retail, Including:

Grocery stores including all food and beverage stores
Farm and produce stands
Gas stations and convenience stores
Restaurants and bars (for take-out/delivery only as authorized under Executive Order D 2020 011 and PHO 20-22, as amended)
Marijuana dispensary (only for the sale of medical marijuana or curbside delivery pursuant to Executive Order D 2020 011)
Hardware, farm supply, and building material stores
Establishments engaged in the retail sale of food and any other household consumer products (such as cleaning and personal care products)

Critical Services, Including:

Trash, compost, and recycling collection, processing and disposal
Mail and shipping services, and locations that offer P.O. boxes
Self-serve laundromats and garment and linen cleaning services for critical businesses
Building cleaning and maintenance
Child care services (following the requirements outlined in Exemptions below)
Auto supply and repair (including retail dealerships that include repair and maintenance, but not retail sales)
Warehouse/distribution and fulfillment, including freight distributors
Funeral homes, crematoriums, and cemeteries
In-person pastoral services for individuals who are in crisis or in need of end of life services provided social distancing is observed to the greatest extent possible
Storage for Critical Businesses
Animal shelters, animal rescues, zoological facilities, animal sanctuaries, and other related facilities

News Media

Other media services

Financial Institutions, Including:

Banks and credit institutions
Insurance, payroll, and accounting services
Services related to financial markets
Providers of Basic Necessities to Economically Disadvantaged

Populations, Including:

Homeless shelters and congregate care facilities
Food banks
Human services providers whose function includes the direct care of patients in State-licensed or funded voluntary programs; the care, protection, custody and oversight of individuals both in the community and in State-licensed residential facilities; those operating community shelters and other critical human services agencies providing direct care or support

Construction, Including:

Housing and housing for low-income and vulnerable people
Skilled trades such as electricians, plumbers
Other related firms and professionals for who provide services necessary to maintain the safety, sanitation, and critical operation of residences, and other essential services


Defense, security, and intelligence-related operations supporting the State of Colorado, local government, the U.S. Government or a contractor for any of the foregoing
Aerospace operations
Military operations and personnel

Critical Services Necessary to Maintain the Safety, Sanitation and Critical Operations of Residences or Other Critical Businesses, Including:

Law enforcement
Fire prevention and response
Building code enforcement
Emergency management and response
Building cleaners or janitors
General maintenance whether employed by the entity directly or a vendor
Automotive repair
Snow removal
Vendors that Provide Critical Services or Products, Including Logistics and Technology Support, Child Care and Services:


Technology support for online and telephone services
Child care programs and services
Government owned or leased buildings
Critical Government Functions

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